We Believe in Responsible Gun Ownership For all Americans

We are the “Quiet Majority” of firearms owners — parents, teachers, attorneys, doctors, police officers, and other private citizens who own guns mainly to protect ourselves and our families.

We believe that:

responsible common sense gun ownership

The Armed Citizen is Commited to the Preservation of the Second Amendment and the Right to Self-Defense

Civilians use firearms in lawful self-defense about 2.5 million times a year in the United States. In about 92 percent of these cases, a firearm is merely displayed, with no shot fired, so most such incidents are not reported to police or the press. This fact helps create a false impression known to criminologists as “the police chiefs’ fallacy.” In most cases where the police become involved, the defender failed, so police officers may develop the sincere belief that civilians are incapable of defending themselves. This has been shown as false by numerous research studies.

To Carry or Not to Carry?

The decision to carry a firearm concealed on one’s person is an intensely personal one. 

As with handgun ownership in general, there are a number of factors that merit very serious consideration before one “straps on a gun” and walks out the door.

This whole website is about responsible use and carry of a firearm. 

In taking up concealed carry, one is either a responsible citizen in pursuit of self-defense options or a cockeyed cowboy (cowperson?) looking to brandish or blast away with their weapon. If you are the latter, please go away.

A firearm is an instrument of potentially lethal force for use when you or yours are in grave danger. Outside the home, this issue is not always clear. But we believe there are some very good reasons to conceal carry,

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Stop Flinching Now

Flinching is a more common problem than you realize, and can sometimes be hard to cure if the shooter has had enough experience that the flinching has gone from reflexive reaction to habit. 

But take heart — there are a number of things that can contribute to flinching, and many of them can be easily dealt with.